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Bath Bubble & beyond Shampoo Bar

From bath bubble & beyond

Colour protection £4.00  Quantity:
Volume & Body £4.00  Quantity:
Deep cleansing £4.00  Quantity:
Nourish Dry £4.00  Quantity:
Damage Repair £4.00  Quantity:

Colour Protection Shampoo Bar

A blend of Wheat Bran extract, Camellia Oil and Oat Oil in our shampoo bar helps to retain vibrant, radiant hair colour. It’s also great at controlling frizz and volume!

Volume & Body Shampoo Bar

Formulated with Isochrysis Galbana, a microalgae extract to provide thicker and more voluminous hair. Sour Cherry Oil will help your hair feel soft and strong.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar

Formulated with Tetraselmis Suecica, a microalgae from the Mediterranean Sea known to reduce scalp sebum and protect the hair fibre. Cold pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil helps maintain the balance, so your hair feels clean and nourished.

Damage Repair Shampoo Bar

Containing a powerful ingredient which mimics our own natural Ceramide 2 helping to add shine and gloss whilst maintaining healthy looking hair and scalp. Hemp Oil provides an extra boost to help smooth and moisturise.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • One bar replaces up-to three plastic bottles.
  • Smells great.
  • Plastic Free
  • No transition needed - switch straight from bottled shampoo.

How to use

Wet the bar, lather the bar in your hands. Give your hair and scalp a relaxing rub and then wash out. This can be repeated if you wish. 

Store in a cool dry place out of standing water when not in use to maximise life.


Packaged in 100 % plastic free recyclable cardboard

Is it Vegan? 

Yes, it is suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals.


50 g solid bar (expected to last up to 80 washes)

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