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Christmas Eve Box

From Swagger

Option 1 £15.00  Quantity:
Option 2 £25.00  Quantity:
Option 3 £28.00  Quantity:
Personalised Choc Bar £4.99  Quantity:
Colour your own stocking £3.99  Quantity:

We are very excited here at Swagger to bring to you the Swagger Christmas Eve box! 

There is three options to choose from

Option 1 £15 - Wooden Box only

Option 2 £25  - Box with 6 items - 

Santas milk coaster and milk bottle

Santas key

Reindeer wooden tag and oat treats

santa treat tag and a bag of chocolate

Colour your own stocking with felt tips.

OPTION 3 - Same as option 2 includes a choco locco personalise chocolate bar

 If your buying a box for the family you can add extra personalised bars and Stockings. 

When ordering Option 3 please understand there will be two dates for collection on the lead up to Christmas as the Chocolate bars are handmade to order. Only one bar is included. Leave name requested in comments. Extra bars can be ordered separately.

EARLY ORDERING ON OPTION 2/3 USE CODE xmasevebox to purchase with a £2 Discount! 

 The night before Christmas is super exiting and what way to create a magical evening than with having a Christmas Eve box waiting under the tree. 

Exciting treats for Santa and his reindeers. A lovely decorate your own stocking to keep the little ones entertained.

If you choose Option 3, this Makes the Christmas Eve box extra special with a personalised chocolate bar which is handmade from the fantastic company Choco locco. 

These lovely wooden boxes can be used year after year to create special memories. 


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