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SALE - Polkadot pink bunting

From Swagger

B £1.00  Quantity:
C £1.00  Quantity:
D £1.00  Quantity:
F £1.00  Quantity:
G £1.00  Quantity:
H £1.00  Quantity:
I £1.00  Quantity:
J £1.00  Quantity:
K £1.00  Quantity:
L £1.00  Quantity:
M £1.00  Quantity:
N £1.00  Quantity:
P £1.00  Quantity:
Q £1.00  Quantity:
R £1.00  Quantity:
S £1.00  Quantity:
T £1.00  Quantity:
U £1.00  Quantity:
V £1.00  Quantity:
W £1.00  Quantity:
X £1.00  Quantity:
Y £1.00  Quantity:
Z £1.00  Quantity:


Swagger only has a small selection of letters left as these are reduced from £2.25 to £1 per flag. This is a clearance line so we won’t be able to get A,E,O back in stock. 

Once these are gone there gone.

The style comes on 3 different backing Purple, pink and light pink. This bunting is supposed to be mix & matched.  

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