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Wild -Olive Bath Tea Bag

From Swagger

Lemon, May-Chang & Green Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Tuberose, Jasmine & Rosehip tea £1.99  Quantity:
Seaweed £1.99 Out of stock Unavailable
Mandarin, bergamot & orange blossom tea £1.99  Quantity:
Wild blueberry £1.99  Quantity:
Rose Vanilla & Roobois Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Gin, Lime & Earl Grey Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Cranberry & Hibiscus Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Raspberry cream tea £1.99  Quantity:
Clementine Mimosa & Orange Blossom Tea Low Stock £1.99  Quantity:
Dark Fig & Darjeeling Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Sweet Amber & Grapefruit Ginseng £1.99  Quantity:
Wild Blueberry & Green Tea £1.99  Quantity:
Lavender, Patchouli & White Tea £1.99  Quantity:

looking for a unique bathing experience or a gift with a difference? Look no further! Introducing Wild Olive Tea Bags. 

A sealed tea bag containing salts from the Dead sea, essential oils, a variety of tea with added marigolds, petals or clay. 

Simply drop into a warm bath allowing oils and fragrance to infuse into the water, leaving your skin silky smooth - plus no mess!

9 Fragrances to choose from.

Customer Review: Bath tea bags
They are so lovely! A real luxury bath 🛁
I completely relaxed and the smell is Devine!


copy of Sandalwood & Earl Grey Tea

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