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Langs - Blue Polkadot Bunting Flags

From Swagger

A- Blue £2.25  Quantity:
B- Blue £2.25  Quantity:
C- Blue £2.25  Quantity:
D - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
E - Blue Low Stock £2.25  Quantity:
F- Blue £2.25 Out of stock Unavailable
G - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
H - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
I - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
J - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
k - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
L - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
M - Blue £2.25 Out of stock Unavailable
N - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
O - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
P - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
Q - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
R -Blue £2.25  Quantity:
S - Blue Low Stock £2.25  Quantity:
T - Blue Low Stock £2.25  Quantity:
U - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
V - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
W - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
X - Blue £2.25 Out of stock Unavailable
Y - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
Z - Blue £2.25  Quantity:
Red Star flag £2.25  Quantity:
Pair of red tie ends £0.99  Quantity:
Blue Tractor flag £2.25  Quantity:
A- Red £2.25  Quantity:
B - Red £2.25  Quantity:
C - Red £2.25  Quantity:
D - Red £2.25  Quantity:
E - Red £2.25  Quantity:
G - Red £2.25  Quantity:
H - Red £2.25  Quantity:
I - Red £2.25  Quantity:
J - Red Low Stock £2.25  Quantity:
K - Red £2.25  Quantity:
L - Red £2.25  Quantity:
M - Red £2.25  Quantity:
N - Red £2.25  Quantity:
O - Red £2.25  Quantity:
P - Red £2.25  Quantity:
Q -Red £2.25  Quantity:
R -Red £2.25  Quantity:
S - Red £2.25  Quantity:
T - Red £2.25  Quantity:
U - Red £2.25  Quantity:
V - Red £2.25  Quantity:
W- Red £2.25  Quantity:
X - Red £2.25  Quantity:
Y - Red £2.25  Quantity:
Z - Red £2.25  Quantity:
F - Red £2.25  Quantity:
& £2.25  Quantity:

Polka dot Bunting!

 *END TIES you only need one packet per name as the 99p packet is a pair. End ties are red in colour.

 *We Dispatched same day Tues-Sat If the order is placed before 4pm.

 Polkadot bunting now only comes in two background colours.

Blue or Red

To Make the bunting longer you can add flag ends.

Red star 

Blue Tractor 

If you have a bunting enquiry please text the shop mobile on 07554697674 this is the fastest way for a response. 


 Swagger is a ‘bricks and mortor’ store and we have a small team called the Swaggerettes working there.

The Swaggerettes pride themselves on excellent customer service and we pack every order with extreme care to detail. Unfortunately due to stock levels now and again we may not have an item you’ve added to your cart. If this occurs the first thing we will do is contact you with a plan of getting the item for you either with a minimum delay or suggesting an alternative. If this fails, your order will not be be processed and no payment will be taken.

All we ask to make this an easier task is please leave a contact number when setting up your swagger account.

Usual dispatched time is 2-3 working days with all items dispatch first class with Royal Mail.

Happy shopping

Alice x


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