Blue Polkadot Bunting Flags

From Swagger

A £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
b £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
c £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
d £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
e £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
f £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
g £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
h £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
i £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
j £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
k £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
l £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
m £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
n £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
o £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
p £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
q £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
r £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
s £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
t £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
u £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
v £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
w £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
x £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
y £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
z £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
star flags £2.25  Quantity: Unavailable
Tie ends £0.99  Quantity: Unavailable
Tractor flags £2.25 Out of stock Unavailable

Polka dot Bunting!


Things that will make your order easier for us here at Swagger Gifts.


*Leave the name you intend to spell in the comments section at the checkout. Even if you have some letters already purchased else where 👍

*If you have a colour pattern preference leave your preference in the comments section at the checkout.

*Leave your phone number in contact details so we can text or what’s app you a picture of your bunting if we need to change it slightly from your request due to stock levels.

*We have been stocking this bunting for many years and the staff do their up most to make the colours of the bunting work together but as you can see from the photos it can be mixed but this is supposed to be this way.

*END TIES you only need one packet per name as the 99p packet is a pair. Endties are red in colour.

*Any questions for fastest response please call/ text the Shop on

07554 697674

*Postage and packaging is £1.50 for 4 flags or less. £3.50 for standard package.

*Dispatched within 2-3working days.

Polkadot bunting comes in for background colours.


Light Blue



To Make the bunting longer you can add flag ends.





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