When I start my Christmas shopping i always start with the kids, then the daunting task of the adults, I get most excited about buying gifts for my Friends. Sometimes you just want to remind them how special they are to you and we have just the Gifts to do this! starting with our Top seller from East of india

Priced at £5.25 This Friends Are Like Stars Porcelain Heart makes an excellent gift or decoration for anywhere around the home. The heart reads: 'Friends are like stars: you don't have to see them to know they are there'

Best Friends forever, Mug £3.99 coaster £1.99 

£2.99 Plaque 'You'll always be my friend - you know to much' Another Top seller at Swagger! How true is this?

£1.99 bookmark - Lifes Truest happiness is found in the friendship, we make along the way.
£13.50 Distressed white frame with a 5x7" heart shaped for your photo.The bottom of the frame has a blackboard label, where you can write your own message. 
Love, friends,family,home anything you like….

This could almost be my wish list, I love the ceramic Heart as I have friends all over the uk & although I don't get to see them all the time I know there always there. One of my most favourite things is Photo's so this white heart chalkboard frame from Retreat is perfect, put any photo inside and make a little comment in chalk. 'Friends'  

Happy christmas shopping! 
Alice xx