Swagger Love Air Puppy!

The Air Puppy cuddly Toys are-

Super-cute BECAUSE they all have adorable faces
super-soft BECAUSE they are made from sumptuous materials
super-unique BECAUSE they have their own names & sometimes dressed in clothes  made from real garment fabric.
Super-strong BECAUSE Babies can eat them & they will survive 'suitable from birth'
Super-comforter BECAUSE They become a child's Friend Straight away!

Proof of all the above, Baby Jarvis loving 'Bonbon the donkey'

I gave Baby Annie 'Flopsy' Bunny as a gift, this is what her mummy had to say'Annie's first toy was Flopsy, it was the perfect gift for our easter baby! Annie loves it & takes it everywhere with her'. Pictured below Annie playing with Flopsy! 

We stock a big range of air puppy in store at Swagger, Seen Below here 'The Hickory shack' Collection. Top sellers Puppy,Monkey, Donkey & Bunny.

Our Newest Favourites have to be the 'Burford yard' collection. The unique thing about the Burford yard collection is they stand up! The body & legs are completely soft. 100% suitable from birth. All very clever if you ask me...

Dangle Bear is also a Top favourite with his long arms & legs he can be dangled about everywhere, A perfect friend for a little one. When he looks at you with his super cute brown eyes you will not be able to resist. 

One for the adults 'Bosky Mouse' Currently flying out the Store for Valentines day. He is the ideal size for a big cuddle, a great gift for any one looking to buy something a little different!

We do hear a lot of parents say to their children 'what do you need another cuddle toy for' The quality of Air puppy will make sure these cute guys will be a member of your family for a long time. Maybe will get Jarvis & Annie's Mummy to report back how Bonbon & Flopsy are doing next year?
Please share your experiences with air puppy comment below...

Thanks Alice x