On Saturday the 9th of March, Pure Dance Crew & Friends made their way up to Chipping Sodbury, Placed themselves outside Swagger with just an ipod for their Music & created their version of the Harlem shake. 

Starting with Faith Only 15 years old dressed as a Granny, Dancing outside Swaggers shop window, with customers stopping to see what was happening...


With 15 Others in the group dressed in onesies, elf outfits, masks, hats & Crazy mis matching clothes they were sure to grab peoples attention! 

Not forgetting Faiths Nan even Joining in the Harlem Shake swinging her handbag around!

So now you have seen the photos ( supplied by Rich Mcd Photography) please watch the Video! With over 720 views in 24 hours i'm sure this will get the 1000 hits the group hopes for. Thanks again Guys & Girls! 

I'm very pleased to say Swagger will be Pure Dance crew Official Sponsor for 2013

Thanks Alice x