Lots of our customers see our wonderful display of bath bombs from Bomb cosmetics and like to pick a selection themselves to make a gift set. Some including candles, lip balms, soaps, air freshners the list goes on...

We have made it easy with the purple 'Keep calm & have a bath' gift box. You can purchase one of these boxes for £1 we will then fill this with pretty paper for added prettiness. 

From the drop down menu on the website you can now add any products you like, starting from 25p each for a chill pill up to £7.99 for a candle.

On check out you can comment if you would like the gift set to be a theme colour so your products match.

If you would like to have more details of the product your are selecting then you can go to the Bath & body link on the website where you will find more details on specific products.

Soap cake at £2.99 a slice makes a perfect product to go in to your gift pack!

Lip balms £2.49 each come in some wonderful fragrances good enough to eat!

This is one example of a lovely selection including the "keep calm gift box' costing £9.09. A great gift for under £10!

We will individually wrap the chill pills, bath mallows & bath creamers to keep them safe & look extra special.

You can always add other Bath & body products from our website using Nougat or Patisserie De Bain if you would like it added to the box just make a comment at the checkout.

If you have any questions please email alice@swaggerunique.co.uk

Happy Selecting! 

Alice x