It's true I have writing a few Blogs about Joma Jewellery but it is the one brand we stock at Swagger which keeps getting better & better...

I was soooo excited when I seen this picture posted on the Joma Jewellery Facebook page, the photo shoot for autumn/ winter 2013. To my delight I seen a spot of Gold added to the collection!


A week later I had a sneak peak at the PDF copy of the catalogue and then I made a date with the Joma Jewellery agent Stephanie to go through all the samples & my oh my what a fun time that was, I loved everything!

Joma Jewellery's collection will now have a Childs range, it's so pretty for little girls. At swagger we have been asked so many times would any of the Joma jewellery fit little girls so we are so pleased we will now have something to offer our customers! 

This should all be arriving in store early September...

If anyone knows me 'Alice' I love following cheesy reality shows and made in Chelsea has to be one of my favourites so when I seen on the Joma Jewellery facebook page Millie macintosh wearing the fab loulou bracelet from Joma Jewellery I was pretty excited. I'm so glad we choose to stock Joma Jewellery when we did it's one of Swagger's top sellers and like I said earlier in the blog it keeps getting better & better. 

Great Price point, fab quality, best of all 'Just One Magnificent Accessory' as stated by our Joma Jewellery competition winner! 

Top Seller in July! A little Thank you... Bracelet £11.99

I'll keep you posted when the new collection arrives in store!

Alice x