Over the years, Swagger has had many brands but one brand has always stayed. Bomb Cosmetics. Bomb Cosmetics is my favourite brand in Swagger at the moment. They always add new products and the fragrances fill the shop instantly. The most popular product in Swagger from Bomb Cosmetics is the bath bombs. They look great, some even looking like little cupcakes and have a fragrance to match.

My favourite three are: Wild Strawberries, Raspmerry Chuckle-late and Raspberry Riptide.


My next favourite product from Bomb Cosmetics is the Bomb Cosmetic candles. These handcrafted candles come in a gold tin with a fragrance on the front with a little comment. The candle inside has 4 small hearts around the edge of the wick. With bright, bold colours these Bomb Cosmetic candles certainly stand out on the shelf.

My selected candles are: Very Berry, Jelly Baby, Scones & Cream and Chocolate Orange.


The chocolate orange actually smells like chocolate orange. Yummy!


The little hotties are the newest product from Bomb Cosmetics instore and we stock up to 20 fragrances at a time. The little hotties come in a box which fit over 30 hotties in and it comes with a leaflet, giving information on the little hotties and 57 recipes using the little hotties. 

I think the best little hotties have to be: Pink Marshmallow, Cranberry, Jelly Baby, Summer Lawn, White Chocolate Truffle and Blackcurrant.  The little hotties need to be melted in an oil burner, we have these instore. They are white ceramic with an opening at the front for a tea light.



As you can see, I like the chocolate and berry fragrances from Bomb Cosmetics. Most of the products I have chosen today have these ingredients.

Whats your favourite Bomb cosmetic Product?

Thanks Lizzie! x