After a fun countdown, for the second year running our christmas room is back open! 
                                                  It's bursting with new christmas products!
                                        These tall christmas santas are my favourite product for far.                                           
 We have extended our range of very popular 80p mini wooden decorations
I'm guessing the Gingerbread decoration will be our Top seller again. 
Bomb Cosmetics have impressed us again with their fab christmas bath bombs
Mr chilly willy & Mrs chilly Millie £2.35 each 
Retreats lovely cosmetic bags in very festive colours!
So I can honestly say we have a wide range of christmas gifts and decorations all in one room, if it doesn't get you in the festive mood I don't know what will! 
Santa claus is back in town
Chipping Sodbury high street
In swagger's Christmas room!
Come visit us soon
Thanks Alice x