As all you Jellycat Collector fans are well aware there is a Jellycat shortages.

Have no fear we are already well aware we have items instock which Jellycat themselves no longer have. 

Go Check out our dedicated Jellycat page on our shop search bar.

We have deliveries arriving every week, NEW NEW NEW! 

Lets talk Jellycat Dogs - Harper Pup is my fave so he may not stay around for long!

Otto is back instock and we ordered plenty. Unfortunately Munro sold out super fast but we hope for his return soon. Bashful Terrier and Little Pup are firm favourites along side our ever so faithful Bashful Black and Cream Puppy all very well stock here at Swagger. If you are about to purchase a Jellycat Pup then the Daddy and me hardback story book is a must - A charming pressie, the Daddy and Me book celebrates all we love about dads. This gorgeous hardback follows a puppy off on adventures with their caring daddy. From trips to the farm to hunting for bugs, it's a tale of kindness, fun and discovery. Perfect for bedtime - goes great with a cuddle!

Jellycat Bashful Bunnies 

We currently have 13 different colours instock of the Bashful Bunny designs. Including Blossom Bunnies. Mostly Medium and Small sizes with a selected few size Huge.

 New Bashful Bunny Lilac and Blossom Bunny Jasmine have been firm favourites.

Bashful Lilac Bunny is very attentive - she tilts her head to hear all the best tales and readies her yummy-soft purply ears. A delightful lassie in flower-bright fur, she wants to go everywhere, paw in paw. And when she’s tired, she’ll sit up sweetly, ready for another bedtime story.

Every Little one needs a Bun Bun... What do you call your Jellycat Bunnies? 

Lets talk Jellycat again soon. 

Alice xxx