Swag bag questions answered...

Is it subscribed thing? Nope you can pay for just one as a one off 👍

Do you post or customers pick up from shop? We post for £3.40 and collection from the shop is fine once the swag bag is paid for this guarantees the swag bag is yours so we are happy to hold until your next visit.

Pay methods? Instore, over the phone or through PayPal.

Swagger offer scratch card - how that works? Inside every swag bag is a swagger scratch card 😍 behind each scratch panel is a great offer to use Instore for example, money off, discount or buy one get one free.

Can I return it and get money back if I don't like it? Afraid not, the Swag bags are non-refundable. We assure you if you love Swagger you will love your surprise items! Alice hand picks these items to fit the monthly theme with lots of thought, even if something wasn’t 100% your taste then it would be lovely enough to gift to someone else.

Can the swag bag items be purchased from Swagger individually? Yes everything that goes into a swag bag would be on sale in Swagger unless we’ve sold out! 

Is there a limited number? Yes currently we only make up 20 Swag bags these are an exclusive offer so do Sale out.

What’s the Swag bag worth if you purchased the items separately in Swagger? £15+
For example February Swag bag contents- x6 items
Plaque £3.50
Postcard 50p
Pencil case t£3.99
Trinket dish £4.99.         
Coasters £4.99
Bag £1.99 = £19.96
All the above for £10!   

Are the items actually in a bag? Yes the bag is either cotton or card and yes reusable.

Can I purchase more than one swag bag? Yes there is no limit to how many.

Would the swag bag be an ideal gift? Yes! Items in the gift bag are tissue wrapped, you can just had it over how it is. Gift shopping made easy! We can also dispatched straight to the recipient.

What’s the idea of the swag bag? We have so many fans who aren’t local or just get overwhelmed when it comes to treating themselves or buying a gift on a budget. The swag bag is the answer to all these 3 things. At £13.40 per month or when ever you fancy you can have a little swagger sent to your front door. Local but fancy a treat just for yourself each month for £10. Struggling to choose a gift, purchase the swag bag for £10 and hand over to the recipient just how it is already gift packaged a surprise to you and them.

After the 1st of each month will you post the contents of that months swag bag online? A few days after customers tend to tag us on social media and leave their reviews of the swag bag so yes you can probably see by then what the contents was. We will also post a picture at some point in that month Ready to promote the next months bag. Don’t leave it until someone reviews the swag bag to purchase that months as it may already be sold out!


When will the swag swag bag be available to collect from store? The first working day from the 1st of the month.

Any other questions please ask!


Heres some reviews and pictures from THE GOLDEN TICKET SWAG BAG 









Alice xxx