Teacher Gift Guide -

If your looking for something in the £2-£10 budget how about…

*Best Teacher coaster £2.50 Perfect token gift for their desk as I’m sure every Teacher will have a hot drink to hand!

*Every Teacher needs to relax right? Then these Bath Tea Bags from Wildolive are a unique gift at just £2.00 and lots of fragrances to choose from.

*I’d say Teachers can’t have enough notebooks and these hardback pretty notebooks make a fab gift at £10.00.

*Thank a bunch candle from Bomb Cosmetics has an amazing Fragrance and looks great also £10.00.

*Teachers pencil case £4.50 I mean how many pens must a teacher go through in one term!

*Does your Teacher have a wicked sense of humour then a ROSIE Made a thing humour coaster are just the ticket. I’m sure they’d go down well in the staff room. £3.00

*If you have a bigger budget maybe with a collection what about these amazing ‘You are Ace’ earrings from Attic creations. £17.00.

*A Artbene handbag which would carrying all that paperwork £33.00

*Last but not least a Joma Jewellery simple silver bracelet on a card which Reads Thank you, This shining bracelet I give to you, to help me say a little thank you. £17.99