Even though Swagger has been established 10 years it was only roughly 6 years ago we became Jelllycat stockiest!

You see most fair companies have a thing called postcode exclusivity so if someone in the town already stocks the Jellycat brand, it wont be duplicated in another independent shop. When the opportunity arouse for us to stock Jellycat we jumped at the chance. It helped we had a great relationship with the Jellycat agent Rosie.

One thing I never truly appreciated was what a huge following Jellycat really has! We have customers who only visit us for Jellycat, we have phone numbers of customers to contact when certain Jellycats arrive. There really is true Jellycat Collectors out there! 

We often have Jellycat instock which actually shows out of stock on the official Jellycat website. Since our toy room open in 2019 'Little Swagger' we have an even bigger selection to choose from. If you can't find a certain Jellycat your looking for on our website it's always ok to call us to double check, we can also try to order it in for you. Like I said above our Jellycat agent is Rosie and she will try her upmost to keep us happy so we can keep our Jellycat customers happy! #Teamwork 

What's my favourite Jellycat? it has to be the Orangutan's as it's my favourite animal. I think this one was called Max.

Now retired as I brought him when I was pregnant with my little boy which was over 6 years ago now.

New pongo who arrived last week is my next purchase.

My Son loves the Big Cats he has Lexi,Charley and Paris they are unbelievably soft to cuddle up to. 


Our BESTSELLING Jellycats are always Bunnies and we always stock lots! 

New Jellycat bunny Shimmer is just beautiful and a lovey addition to the collection.

Swagger also had the arrival of Irresistible Ice Creams this week just in time for the summer holidays,The cuteness of these guys! 3 Flavours to choose from Vanilla, strawberry and Mint.

Don't forget to tag us in your Jellycat purchases on Social Media! #SwaggerGifts 

Thanks for reading Alice x