Swagger many years ago stocked bomb cosmetic wax melts 'Little Hotties' but we didn't have a massively positive response to them. Move forward to Lockdown 2020 and we were tagged constantly on Sassy Shop wax posts about where people would like to see Sassy Shop wax stocked so move forward to March 2021 we received our first delivery of Sassy Shop wax snap bars.

I can't believe the response to instore and online purchases. Once someone has sampled a Sassy Shop wax melt there is no going back. Now my Favourites have to be so far Soft Towels and Blueberry and Vanilla LOVE THEM! However our shop bestsellers are Antique bookstore, bedtime baby, champagne toast.

In early July Sassy Shop wax announced they would no longer be stocking Snap Bars only the segment pots. There is no way we wanted to give up stocking the Sassy Shop Wax brand so we have had over 16 fragrances arrive in segment pots at Swagger August 2021 these retail at £4.00 and have 6 segments weight in total 70g. 

Not forgetting Sassy Shop Wax is made here in Bristol! 

Knowing Customers love Snap bars as a easy pick up gift we have introduced a new supplier. I had Found Mama Made Melts through Instagram actually purchasing some for Christmas Gifts. When we discovered Sassy Shop Wax were no longer making Snap bars I asked Beth to send a sample. (I have lost my sense of smell from having Covid in June) The 4 Swaggerettes took these home to try and all rated them 10 out of 10 for lasting fragrance. I hope to test them out myself as soon as I can smell again! These will retail at £3.00 each and weigh 50g. We have 16 fragrances arriving and are very excited to be ordering Christmas Scents soon! Beth is a Mama Made Melts maker from Cornwall fully CLP Complaint.

Stocking such a huge range of Wax Melts we obviously needed lots of burners to sell along side our ranges. Prices for Wax Burners range from £7.00-£12.00 our best selling by far is Home or Family ceramic white burner. Which are both due back instock this week. 

Something new is our Wax melt wooden Trays. What a fab way to keep your wax melt stock organised. Wooden Tray £11.50

Hope you've enjoyed reading about everything Wax melts with Swagger. Thanks Alice x