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Glick - Gift Wrap Tissue Paper

From Glick

Silver - TP05 £2.50  Quantity:
Gold - TP06 £2.50  Quantity:
Blue - TP08 £1.25  Quantity:
Turquoise - TP09 £1.25  Quantity:
Lilac - TP01 £1.25  Quantity:
Red - TP22 £1.25  Quantity:
Yellow - TP21 £1.25  Quantity:
Pink - TP03 £1.25 Out of stock Unavailable
Neon Green - TP43 £2.50 Out of stock Unavailable
Purple - TP02 £1.25  Quantity:

The Glick Gift Wrap Tissue Paper provides a range of 7 colours to choose from, making it perfect for any occasion. Measuring at 500x750mm with 4 sheets, this tissue paper is both practical and versatile. With a paper GSM of 17, it offers a high-quality and sustainable option that is fully recyclable. 
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