Fabric Letter Bunting 2 Designs Available

From Richard Lang

NOTICE: Due to online competition, we have decided to discontinue selling our stock online. If you need assistance on any item please call the shop on 07554 697 674.

Please read below how to order

Unique letter fabric bunting from Swagger!

Two types available 

As our stock of letters changes so fast, please call or text the shop on 07554697674 our staff will take your requested Name/word. If we have this instock we will need following details-

*Payment over the phone

Card details & Delivery address

 *Postage £3.40  Royal Mail

You can add plain bunting to the ends to make the bunting longer these are £2.25 each

You can also purchase ends to tie the bunting up with, these are 99p for the pair.

*Floral bunting -The bunting comes in 3 different backing patterns but this only comes on certain letters so you will not get a whole matching set of backing in one name/word but it's supposed to have this look.

*Blue polka dot & stars


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